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Traffic Wohnheim Gutz/Reiba 2003-present

I was curious and put together some code to generate a chart of the traffic usage from late 2003 until now.
The red bars are incoming traffic, green is outgoing. The bars only represent the traffic beeing accounted for, meaning inbound/outbound of the TU Dresden network.
The traffic limit was raised from about 3 GByte per week to 7 GByte over 7 consecutive days. The traffic per user is round about 10G/month today (it started out with round about 2G/month).
The huge dent in 2011 was in August, our servers broke and we didn’t count traffic for approx 2 weeks. In september most of the students are home, that’s why the traffic goes down as well.

I’m looking forward to do more of these charts and I’m looking forward presenting them to you.

traffic 2003-present

traffic (MB) 2003-present

If you love svg as much as I do, I uploaded a svg here.

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