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Papst besucht den Bush nicht…

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Der Papst besucht den Bush nicht zum Essen! Ist das nicht traurig? Äh, ich meinte natürlich verständlich! Mit Diktatoren gibt sich die Kirche, vor allem der Papst, doch nicht ab!
Hier ist der Original Artikel vom Rawblog: Pope won’t break Bread with Bush.
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From Friday’s press briefing:

Q Just to clarify, for the pope’s visit to the White House, you said that now there’s a dinner in the East Room in honor of the pope?
Q Will the pope actually be attending that dinner?
MR. STANZEL: I don’t believe so, no.
Q Okay. Thank you.
Q I’m sorry. The pope doesn’t attend a dinner in his honor?
Q (Off mike.)
MR. STANZEL: He doesn’t come into the building.
Q Well, then it’s not a dinner for the pope, is it?
MR. STANZEL: It’s in honor of his visit. There will be leaders from the Catholic community from all over the country who are in town for that visit.
Q Is there a reason the pope doesn’t attend the dinner?
MR. STANZEL: I don’t know. I don’t have the full extent of his schedule.



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