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Staatsfeind #1: Uhl

Ich kann wahrscheinlich heute Nacht nicht schlafen, weil ich die ganze Zeit an die Statements von Hans-Peter Uhl bezüglich der Aktuellen Stunde zum Bundestrojaner heute in der Aktuellen Stunde denken muss.

Hierbei sagte er folgendes:

„[…] das Land wird von Sicherheitsbehörden geleitet […] es wird regiert von Sicherheitsbeamten […]“

Hätte ein Politiker der Linken so einen Satz fallen lassen, wären alle Blätter und Nachrichten voll von „Stasi!“ gewesen. In der „Tagesschau“ und „heute“ wurde auf diese Aussage NULL eingegangen. Und wer nicht weiß wovon ich rede: Das Video gibt es hier

Und hier gibt es noch den Vortrag von Constanze Kurz und Frank Rieger, Sprecher des Chaos Computer Club, über den Bundestrojaner von den Datenspuren.

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Why do we need and want blogs?

The web is all about communication, more particularly it’s about free, uncensored communication. We can share ideas and thoughts, actions and reactions. And we have to use that opportunity. Why? Because we can. And I think, it helps you.

I didn’t blog for a long time, a couple days ago I thought about restarting again, and then, two days ago I heard somebody say to another person: „Hey, you have to open a blog! BLOG!“. So, today I gave it a second thought and it struck me: Yes, we all have to blog! And I think that’s why:
– write down what’s on your mind! Your mind won’t be blocked anymore, you mind is freed of your old ideas, awaiting new ones. So a blog is kind of a diary.
– share your thoughts of the world and get inspired by others. It’s not good living in your own little world which you created in your head. Politicians share thoughts, too (if with us „normal“ people or just with the „big bosses“ (thus believing in and supporting the system they grew up in) – I will leave this uncommented), conferences like the camp, datenspuren or the congress are made for sharing ideas.
– getting things done – and be motivated by others! For example, if you build a project, share your progress! It puts a little bit of pressure on you, getting the project done, but rewards you with comments, cheer-ups, helping people.

And how? Well, just sit down, write something, and do this regularly. See the numbers of your readers increase. Be happy.

So, this post is a commitment for myself to start blogging more often about things that are on my mind for the above reasons. Let’s see what happens.

And for my other blog: It’s gone for the time being. Didn’t want to have a system without HTTPS. So – maybe another day. But for the time being: Datenspuren, hopefully some c-programming, music – and the wish to better unterstand network related things.

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Datenspuren 08

Juhu, dieses Wochenende ist es so weit: Die Datenspuren finden statt!

Wo? In Dresden, in der „Scheune“!
Alles weitere findet ihr hier:

viel Spaß!

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