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Linux Student Version for LabView

[Updated 14th May 2012, please scroll down.]
[Updated: some minor changes to the text]

Right now I finally have something I have to let steam off about again. A rant about NI and it’s LabView Academic Program.

For a lab, I needed a LabView version. The requirement of using a proprietary software to pass a lab is hard enough, but it gets better. Asking the person in charge about a LabView version, he responded that I could get the evaluation version from the website, free of charge, valid for 30 days. So I went to the website and looked for the download. It turned out, that the evaluation version is available for windows (and Mac OS X), only. Too bad. After some research and a call (at least they have a number with the area code of munich, so this doesn’t rip you off), I eventually found out, that LabView is available for Linux, also.

But you have to buy it.

Ok. There is this awesome academic program, where you can ask for a student’s license. Did so, bought a student’s license from their german reseller. There it should have stricken me for the first time that they didn’t mention „linux“ as an OS. But well, there is a linux version, so I will get it. I’m sure.

Something about money: I paid 14,99€ for the Student’s license. But before that, I registered „for free“. Now NI has my contact details, they know where I study, they probably got a certificate of enrollment, they know if I like LabView, I eventually end up buying (or using a paid for) pro-license. So, I assume despite the 15€ my profile is worth some money as well. Oh, and I help them with their market research concerning linux – for free!

Now, I called there to get my student version and: No linux version available. Really?
Here are the facts:
(for windows)
– you download the evaluation version
– you register and buy a student license
– you punch in the code, you have a full version, licensed for students.
(for mac)
– you request a cd, get the full version, punch in the license (after you’ve registered), done.

So: Where is the problem doing that for linux? I was told, at my first inquiry, that a linux version is not available for download

because linux is an open system

and probably NI cannot be sure, that their 30-day limitation cannot be avoided. [Yeah, sure, regedit cannot do the trick, or what? As a windows Admin you don’t have any rights on the file system? Mac isn’t a unix, (being as open as linux?)?]

So, today I called and I hope I can set a wheel in motion, so that it is possible for (future) students to acquire a fully legal NI LabView Student Version for linux.

Or I should go, and just get me, without any hassle an online available linux version of LabView.

But before this, I will try to convince NI to have the linux version available for students. And post the updates here.

[UPDATE: 14th May 2012]

So, after calling NI Germany (and letting off some steam, poor hotline) I was told the following: The Linux Version isn’t available for students, because (supposedly) doesn’t contain any validation checks, i.e. no Serial Number etc necessary (which I cannot really believe, but well, if one develops for linux one is probably more concerned about drivers and stuff than copy-protecting one’s software). This explains, why they won’t just give me a CD with a linux version.
But when I checked my blog today, I found a comment by Emilie Kopp, Social Manager of National Instruments. So I will see how things develop (and let you know).


P.S.: Oh yes, I think something similar is going on with Matlab – there is a linux version out there, it ships on the cd, but I think you cannot acquire it as a student.

P.P.S.: Yes, I’m aware that our university takes part at the MSDNAA program. But I don’t think it’s fair, that companies like microsoft need to get paid money, that than isn’t available for research anymore, so I can run a program. But that’s another rant.


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