lcd test board

YEAH! I reached my first goal, re-wrote some code and now I’m able to turn the display 90° CCW – and rotate the font accordingly. I also made the code a little bit more flexible and based the whole lcd_putc() function on lcd_plot().
Next step is of course, code cleanup. And I want to implement the whole rotating thing more flexible – still need to implement xmax and ymax based on the rotation.
If you are interested, check out my git repository:


I recently got a nice testboard from seb (, thx a lot!): it has usb, an DOG128 lcd display, an atmega644p and some extra pins and buttons (you can, for example, extend it with a wireless interface).
My goal ist, to write a linux driver for it to use it as an usb display. Why do I want this? Because a couple months ago I got me a Conrad HD Media Player which is an oem version of the Zinwell zin5005 hd – running a linux. What really sucks here is, that it’s not rooted (yet). In order to use it without a tv, I want a little usb-display which shows me the current song playing and so on and so forth.

I’m starting from scratch, so right now I’m learning how to use SPI, the display, how rotating of the lcd display works and all that little things you need to know when programming a mikrocontroller. So far I wrote a simple version of pong.

Because I like to share, I opened a git-repository on github. You can find it here:

3 Antworten zu “lcd test board

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  2. Anonymous

    eyyy altn! voll krass man ich brogrammier auch was! gail wa?

  3. unnamed

    Wow ! super!

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