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Zeit Magazin: Leben „Worte der Woche…“

Ja, und die diesmaligen Worte der Woche die leider nicht gesagt worden, hätten mal lieber gesagt werden sollen:
Hier der Link:
Worte der Woche die leider nicht gesagt worden

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Die schönen Anti-China Proteste

So, jetzt denkt man also darüber nach, den Fackellauf dieses Jahr und für 2010 in Kanada dann komplett einzustellen (die anderen Jahre dann natürlich auch):
tagesschau: IOC: Abbruch des Fackellaufs…

Jaja… Warum demonstrieren denn die ganzen Leute? Demonstriert man um den Fackellauf zu stören? Oder demonstriert man eher um China zu zeigen: Ihr könnt nicht einfach so das machen was ihr wollt!
Das ist doch nämlich der Punkt hier: Die westlichen Nationen werden Olympia nie boykottieren, weil der chinesische Markt 1 Milliarde Menschen groß ist, und man auf diese Horde von Kaufwütigen, Konjunkturankurbelnden Leute nicht verzichten möchte. Auch wichtig für die deutsche Automobilindustrie. Mit anderen Worten (damit mir jeder zustimmt): Boykottieren wir China, verlieren wir Arbeitsplätze, ARBEITSPLÄTZE!!!!!!! Alles was zählt…
Also, die Wirtschaft wird schon mal nichts gegen China unternehmen wollen. Und das wissen die Chinesen. Können die Chinesen nun die negativ Schlagzeilen stoppen, in denen es heißt gebt (euren chinesischen) Leuten mehr Rechte in eurem Land!, dann sind die Chinesen doppelt fein raus: Sie haben neue Propaganda gegen den Westen, und diese störenden, nachbohrenden Chinakritiker sind auch still.
Letztendlich sind nämlcih diese Proteste das einzige womit man China noch unter druck setzen kann. Indem öffentlich, der ganzen Welt verständlich (und auf allen Bildern die im Chinesischen Fernsehen zu sehn sind) gezeigt wird: Freiheit!
Und ist das nicht eines der Ziele des Fackellaufs? Indem man mit der Fackel durch alle Länder läuft, sagt man den Leuten: Ihr gehört zu uns! Wir zu euch! Wir sind eins!

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back in to civilisation


Well, as usual first some brief notes:

– survived awesome kakadu trip

– got me a didgeridooo

– survived Alien encounter

– saw Litchfield, Uluru, the Olgas, Kings Canyon

– travelled from Alice SPrings to Port Augusta, wanna get to Grampies NP today

So, everything really important is up there… :) More information when I’m back…

But thanks to my 4 just AWESOME, FANTASTIC and EVERYTHING ELSE travel mates from Darwin to Litchfield, Uluru, the Olgas and Kings Canyon and back to Alice Springs! I enjoyed it and miss you!


Well, I’m back in Melbourne, to finish my travels, I did the Great Ocean Road – the nicest part of driving, where you actually see the ocean and stuff – well I did that in the dark. Life sucks :) And down here its awfully cooooold! Freeezing! I wanna go back to the north!Anyways, added some pics for you!

Flying over Devils Marbels









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Greetings from Darwin

Well, a quick post about my latest adventures:

– Cairns -> Cape Tribulation: Awesome! Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, nice Walk to Mt. Sorrow, saw 2 Cassowaries

– Cairns -> Darwin via Savannah Way & Matilda Hwy and finally Stuart Hwy (3035 km) 

– Hot Springs in Mataranka

– tomorrow Kakadu Tour for 3 Days

– then Darwin -> Uluru via Stuart Hwy, on the way Litchfield NP, Kings Canyon, Uluru

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a long long time ago…

… it was, when I wrote my last post – and I didn’t actually planned to write one right now, BUT I cant do the thing I wanted to do in the time I’m spending here at the library being able to surf the web for free, I cant. I wanted to fill out my Online Application for the RWTH Aachen, BUT I don’t know my grades anymore :(

– Townsville

– Magnetic Island, saw first wild koala

– Sailing Whitsundays, snorkelling – AWESOME

– Airlie Beach

– Eungella, saw first wild Platypus (Schnabeltier)

So, you are lucky, and I’m giving you a brief briefing about my travelling down-under.

A lot happend after i left Brisbane, I came around far. I still have to catch up 10 days or so in my diary, just that you know I’m really busy travelling.

Whatever, today I came back to Townsville after 3 nice days on magnetic Island. Before that, I was in Airlie Beach, cruising the Whitsundays on a sailing ship (the Boomerang – it was supposed to come back every time), where I had my first snorkel experience – amazing! And it wasn’t even in the actual Great Barrier Reef, just one of the small reefs that is around the Whitsundays (ok, they are still part of the GBR NP, but you know what I mean). The weather is now, after some shity days I had while going from Brisbanbe to Airlie Beach, really nice: 25 degrees or so – thats just the winter time :) Anyways, as soon as I set foot on the Boomerang in Airlie beach, the skies cleared, the sun came out and it was just awesome weather from that moment on until now. Water temperature around the Whitsundays was 21 degrees, no Box-Jelly Fish or Irukandji around – perfect. (compared to the Box-Jelly and Irunkandji the“Blue Bottle“ also known as „Spanische Galere“ or so, is harmless.. seeking medical assistance is the last step sugested to help the victim while its the first step to call 000 (the ambulance) if you get stung by Jelly or Irunkandji)

So, I’ve to go, have a nice day, because I have one :)

See you in not so long and nothing for ungut

yours, Paul

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– Brisbane

– Sufers Paradise = Concrete Paradise

– Tomorrow I’m going up the coast a little bit further, celebrating Anna’s Bday w/ my new „travelmate“ Gina

From Byron Bay we pretty soon left for Brisbane, driving through the famous Surfers Paradise Region: Ugly concrete hotels all over the place, no wonder Byron Bay is famous: Nice, cosy, no skyscraping hotels, not even a McDonalds.

Brisbane is nice, too, even I don’t like the architecture a lot, most of the buildings have no charme. But the Streets Beach is nice, a Beach in the middle of the city by the river. Awesome! First thing I did when I walked through Brisbane for the first time (with Katia, who left Saturday, and a Swiss guy whom we gave a lift from Byron Bay) was jumping in my swim shorts and swam a little bit. I was probably the only person that day in the pool with just shorts on, after me there was a woman who wore a wetsuit… :) And we were probably the only two persons that day.

What else? In Brisbane I met two german girls which I knew from Byron Bay, I give one of them a lift all the way up to Cairns (Gina). The other one (Anna) has a kid with her and is waiting in Byron Bay for her company, so we will just do a little trip for a couple days tomorrow as far as the tram goes, so she can get back. It’s her Birthday, so we want to celebrate a little bit.

Something else you need to know? Not really I think, nothing else pretty much happend. Today we (all of us 4) will go to the Art Museum and probably just relax somewhere in the sun and I really have to catch up with my personal diary – I’m a week behind and it is becoming hard to remember waht I did and stuff – so much is happening :)

So, nothing for ungut,

Yours, Paul

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Canberra, almost washed away, byron bay

Hi Guys!

Here the things that happens:

– went to Canberra (National Museum of Australia, National Captial Exhibition)

– had the worst strom for 30 years in Sydney, just b/c of some lucky circumstances avoided being washed away in Newcastle

– Port Macquire, Coffs Harbour (Big Banana), Byron Bay, today I will go to Brisbane

 So, now a little bit more detailed…

I went to Canberra last week from Sydney to see the National Museum of Australia. I thought: Well, just 600 km to and back, thats nothing! (Sydney – Brisbane = 1000 km)

So I went off and had a good 2 days look around, even if I just managed to visit 2 Museums/Exhibitons and the Canberra Deep Space Centre,and though I saw nothing of Canberra itself, it was completly worth it: The National Museum of Australia is just great! A lot of interesting stuff in there and everything and the Garden of Australien Dreams (or the Australien Garden of Dreams?) is fantastic. THe whole museum is designed in the most extraordinary way, just everything has a purpose. And the museum is famous for being in the headlines. I will tell you why when I’m back, but you might make a research, too, for example the sydney herald sun.

The next cool thing was, that we (katia and me) avoided being swept away in the worst strom since 30 years.. Just by chance we decided NOT to go to Newcastle, because we missed the exit kind of… So we first avoided the highway (i think) where a car was washed away (5 person dead) and a completly flooded Newcastle… Here’s the sydney herald sun article: Herald Sun Article

Yeah, now I’m in Byron Bay for the last couple hours, I went Boogie (or Body-)Surfing which was fun, except the waves weren’t very good. In a few hours we will set off to reach Brisbane in the last bit of Daylight, we are taking a swiss guy with us, and I have to go now, because we want to decide when we leave.

So, have a nice day, nothing for ungut,

yours, Paul

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Sydney has me…

– in sydney for a couple days (9 or so)

– found someone who wants to have a ride up to brisbane – staying longer…

– first  surf attempt today failed

– 14598488 pictures of the opera house taken

Ok, that were the short news, now a little bit more detailed..

After I left Maffra, I travelled up to Lakes Entrance, where I stayed the first night in my new car – on a lonely spot, just a dune between me and the ocean – lovely. THe next day I just travelled further up north, I passed a sign saying: Point Hicks 45 km away.. So I stopped, looked and my lonely planet and went for it. After quite an amazing ride on a gravel road trough a nice forest, I finally reached the end of the road (with a camping lot nearby, pint hicks is in a national park), I walked the last 1.5 km to the lighthouse. And there I stood, where Captain James Cook (who actually wasnt Captain at that time) saw the eastcoast of australia for the first time – in 1770 on board of the Endavour…  The guy living at the lighthouse was so nice and opened the lighthouse for me so I could have a walk up and look around – magnificient sunset!

It took me two days from there until I arrived in Sydney, cause I took it kinda slow, had a walk and so on.

Sydney is charming. When I arrived, I went to the Noahs Backpackers in Bondi, close to Bondi Beach, you could see it from the rooftop, which was the only good thing about the hostel (and the prize, 20 bucks for an 8 bed dorm was good and cheap, too). But everything else was crap: The windows in the room, the kitchen, the bathrooms…. Anyways…

The next day I borrowed a bodyboard (for nothing, good thing aboiut the hostel, too) and went bodyboarding at Bondi Beach.. Its like surfing without standing on the board but just laying on it – cool thing to do, escpecially when you are just having shorts, so I bought a wetsuit later that day…

Central Sydney is really nice, maybe even nicer than melbourne (i didnt like mel that much) and I took a zillion pictures of the opera house and the skyline. In the evening, I just ran into a german girl which needed a ride up to Brisbane, so Im staying a little bit longer here in sydney. But theres anything going on or so, really! SO I stay at her place now, she lives in a lat with another girl and a guy who owns the place – accomodation for a week for free, with a free surfboard I tried out today but I failed due to a lack of skill, waves and cool-water-resistance (even now when I have a wetsuit). But I will try again tomorrow.. :)

SO, thats it, I added a couple pictures, first of the shoreline at point hicks, Mallacoota Inlet, Bingie Bingie Point (where you can see earth layers from hundreds of years ago), the view on Bondi Beach from Noah’s rooftop, and the Sydney Opera House.

Thats it for now, how are you doin? I njoy getting Emails from you guys :)

Nothing for ungut, yours Paul

Point Hicks

Mallacoota Inlet

Bingie Bingie Point

Bondi Beach

Sydney Opera House

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of to a new location… :)

Hi guys,

brocolli picking is over! today I had my last day of work on the farm and I will leave Maffra soon – only a matter of minutes :)

I will be heading up to Lake St Entrance tonight, and afterwards up to Sydney. And then I will just see what I do next :)

Ok – that’s it for the moment, I will write you again when something interesting happend and I got a whole bunch of good nice brand new photos and most important – INTERNET!

But you can write me anytime you want, I will answer you as soon as I have

Ah yeah, what I forgot: HOW I get up to Sydney? By car.. I’m driving a nice 91 White Ford Falcon GL :)Mein schickes Auto!

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Filled my GMX Media Center with a couple of pictures…

Look & Njoy!

Mein GMX MEdia Center

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