a long long time ago…

… it was, when I wrote my last post – and I didn’t actually planned to write one right now, BUT I cant do the thing I wanted to do in the time I’m spending here at the library being able to surf the web for free, I cant. I wanted to fill out my Online Application for the RWTH Aachen, BUT I don’t know my grades anymore :(

– Townsville

– Magnetic Island, saw first wild koala

– Sailing Whitsundays, snorkelling – AWESOME

– Airlie Beach

– Eungella, saw first wild Platypus (Schnabeltier)

So, you are lucky, and I’m giving you a brief briefing about my travelling down-under.

A lot happend after i left Brisbane, I came around far. I still have to catch up 10 days or so in my diary, just that you know I’m really busy travelling.

Whatever, today I came back to Townsville after 3 nice days on magnetic Island. Before that, I was in Airlie Beach, cruising the Whitsundays on a sailing ship (the Boomerang – it was supposed to come back every time), where I had my first snorkel experience – amazing! And it wasn’t even in the actual Great Barrier Reef, just one of the small reefs that is around the Whitsundays (ok, they are still part of the GBR NP, but you know what I mean). The weather is now, after some shity days I had while going from Brisbanbe to Airlie Beach, really nice: 25 degrees or so – thats just the winter time :) Anyways, as soon as I set foot on the Boomerang in Airlie beach, the skies cleared, the sun came out and it was just awesome weather from that moment on until now. Water temperature around the Whitsundays was 21 degrees, no Box-Jelly Fish or Irukandji around – perfect. (compared to the Box-Jelly and Irunkandji the“Blue Bottle“ also known as „Spanische Galere“ or so, is harmless.. seeking medical assistance is the last step sugested to help the victim while its the first step to call 000 (the ambulance) if you get stung by Jelly or Irunkandji)

So, I’ve to go, have a nice day, because I have one :)

See you in not so long and nothing for ungut

yours, Paul


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