– Brisbane

– Sufers Paradise = Concrete Paradise

– Tomorrow I’m going up the coast a little bit further, celebrating Anna’s Bday w/ my new „travelmate“ Gina

From Byron Bay we pretty soon left for Brisbane, driving through the famous Surfers Paradise Region: Ugly concrete hotels all over the place, no wonder Byron Bay is famous: Nice, cosy, no skyscraping hotels, not even a McDonalds.

Brisbane is nice, too, even I don’t like the architecture a lot, most of the buildings have no charme. But the Streets Beach is nice, a Beach in the middle of the city by the river. Awesome! First thing I did when I walked through Brisbane for the first time (with Katia, who left Saturday, and a Swiss guy whom we gave a lift from Byron Bay) was jumping in my swim shorts and swam a little bit. I was probably the only person that day in the pool with just shorts on, after me there was a woman who wore a wetsuit… :) And we were probably the only two persons that day.

What else? In Brisbane I met two german girls which I knew from Byron Bay, I give one of them a lift all the way up to Cairns (Gina). The other one (Anna) has a kid with her and is waiting in Byron Bay for her company, so we will just do a little trip for a couple days tomorrow as far as the tram goes, so she can get back. It’s her Birthday, so we want to celebrate a little bit.

Something else you need to know? Not really I think, nothing else pretty much happend. Today we (all of us 4) will go to the Art Museum and probably just relax somewhere in the sun and I really have to catch up with my personal diary – I’m a week behind and it is becoming hard to remember waht I did and stuff – so much is happening :)

So, nothing for ungut,

Yours, Paul


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