Canberra, almost washed away, byron bay

Hi Guys!

Here the things that happens:

– went to Canberra (National Museum of Australia, National Captial Exhibition)

– had the worst strom for 30 years in Sydney, just b/c of some lucky circumstances avoided being washed away in Newcastle

– Port Macquire, Coffs Harbour (Big Banana), Byron Bay, today I will go to Brisbane

 So, now a little bit more detailed…

I went to Canberra last week from Sydney to see the National Museum of Australia. I thought: Well, just 600 km to and back, thats nothing! (Sydney – Brisbane = 1000 km)

So I went off and had a good 2 days look around, even if I just managed to visit 2 Museums/Exhibitons and the Canberra Deep Space Centre,and though I saw nothing of Canberra itself, it was completly worth it: The National Museum of Australia is just great! A lot of interesting stuff in there and everything and the Garden of Australien Dreams (or the Australien Garden of Dreams?) is fantastic. THe whole museum is designed in the most extraordinary way, just everything has a purpose. And the museum is famous for being in the headlines. I will tell you why when I’m back, but you might make a research, too, for example the sydney herald sun.

The next cool thing was, that we (katia and me) avoided being swept away in the worst strom since 30 years.. Just by chance we decided NOT to go to Newcastle, because we missed the exit kind of… So we first avoided the highway (i think) where a car was washed away (5 person dead) and a completly flooded Newcastle… Here’s the sydney herald sun article: Herald Sun Article

Yeah, now I’m in Byron Bay for the last couple hours, I went Boogie (or Body-)Surfing which was fun, except the waves weren’t very good. In a few hours we will set off to reach Brisbane in the last bit of Daylight, we are taking a swiss guy with us, and I have to go now, because we want to decide when we leave.

So, have a nice day, nothing for ungut,

yours, Paul


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