Sydney has me…

– in sydney for a couple days (9 or so)

– found someone who wants to have a ride up to brisbane – staying longer…

– first  surf attempt today failed

– 14598488 pictures of the opera house taken

Ok, that were the short news, now a little bit more detailed..

After I left Maffra, I travelled up to Lakes Entrance, where I stayed the first night in my new car – on a lonely spot, just a dune between me and the ocean – lovely. THe next day I just travelled further up north, I passed a sign saying: Point Hicks 45 km away.. So I stopped, looked and my lonely planet and went for it. After quite an amazing ride on a gravel road trough a nice forest, I finally reached the end of the road (with a camping lot nearby, pint hicks is in a national park), I walked the last 1.5 km to the lighthouse. And there I stood, where Captain James Cook (who actually wasnt Captain at that time) saw the eastcoast of australia for the first time – in 1770 on board of the Endavour…  The guy living at the lighthouse was so nice and opened the lighthouse for me so I could have a walk up and look around – magnificient sunset!

It took me two days from there until I arrived in Sydney, cause I took it kinda slow, had a walk and so on.

Sydney is charming. When I arrived, I went to the Noahs Backpackers in Bondi, close to Bondi Beach, you could see it from the rooftop, which was the only good thing about the hostel (and the prize, 20 bucks for an 8 bed dorm was good and cheap, too). But everything else was crap: The windows in the room, the kitchen, the bathrooms…. Anyways…

The next day I borrowed a bodyboard (for nothing, good thing aboiut the hostel, too) and went bodyboarding at Bondi Beach.. Its like surfing without standing on the board but just laying on it – cool thing to do, escpecially when you are just having shorts, so I bought a wetsuit later that day…

Central Sydney is really nice, maybe even nicer than melbourne (i didnt like mel that much) and I took a zillion pictures of the opera house and the skyline. In the evening, I just ran into a german girl which needed a ride up to Brisbane, so Im staying a little bit longer here in sydney. But theres anything going on or so, really! SO I stay at her place now, she lives in a lat with another girl and a guy who owns the place – accomodation for a week for free, with a free surfboard I tried out today but I failed due to a lack of skill, waves and cool-water-resistance (even now when I have a wetsuit). But I will try again tomorrow.. :)

SO, thats it, I added a couple pictures, first of the shoreline at point hicks, Mallacoota Inlet, Bingie Bingie Point (where you can see earth layers from hundreds of years ago), the view on Bondi Beach from Noah’s rooftop, and the Sydney Opera House.

Thats it for now, how are you doin? I njoy getting Emails from you guys :)

Nothing for ungut, yours Paul

Point Hicks

Mallacoota Inlet

Bingie Bingie Point

Bondi Beach

Sydney Opera House


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