May 10th

Hi guys,

after a long time of absence, i’m back again – luckily I didn’t drown!

My travels took me to Tasmania, a nice *sometimes rainy* island at the very south end of Aussie. The weather in Tassie is unpredictable: When I planned where I wanted to go, I considered the weather the most important thing, and around the good days I planned my travels with the bus which was a little bit harder than in Victoria, because Tassie’s busses go only every other day, which kind of sucked: I did 2 out of 7 possible „attractions“. Anyways. I had a nice trip standing, wanted to go to the counter and there I saw that the changed the forecast for the same day already. SO i thought: Screw the weather, probably it will hail the whole time anyways…

First I went to the Lake St. Clair National Park in the northwest of Tasmania, in the summer all the hikers who did the Overland Track * a famous walking track i didn’t do b/c of time issues (and the weather)* arrive there. So I arrived and it rained already which wasn’t very nice of the rain. I didn’t care, went for a some hours walk and luckily the rain stopped – at least it paused for an hour or so, so I got on the track, far enough from securing home, and then it started to rain. It rained all the time, every minute. The next day I wanted to go to Pine Valley, which is one of the nicest spots in Tasmania (at least should be), where I wanted to spent the night in a hut, but the ferry driver advised me not to go there, b/c I could get stuck because of the rain. The river rose about 60 centimeters that night. Luky me stayed in another hut, it was a really nice atmosphere though it wasn’t the most comfortable bed (I slept on a plain wooden floor in a sleeping bag).

The next day I had a wonderful 2 hour walk through amazing puddles, the water took the way away from me – just look at the pictures.

On my way back to hobart, I met a guy from holland, whom i met on my way up to lake st. claire’s – we have the same backpacks.

Together we went to Freycinet NP where we had really nice weather. We went to wineglass bay and other things and I/We hitchhiked for the first time in Australia. ANd it was really good, very easy. So the next day, we did it again.  The people are very nice here.

So, now for some pictures.. running out of time!

CU, nothing for ungut


sharing the path


Freycinet NP - Hazard Beach

Freycinet - Sander and I


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