Chapter… Next Chapter…

Today I did a wonderful hike in Wilsons Promontory national Park. It was so awesome. I can’t sadly not provide you with any pictures because of the weather being so awful I din’t take my camera with me. But the path I was walking on was just awesome, the most when I went up Mt Bisho: It slooped through a forrest which is similar to the one you can find in a tropical house f.e. in the Gruga or in a zoo, but here it’s real and everywhere around you. You just sniff some air and you smell the soil, the plants, you hear the squaeks of birds, you might even see them… Then suddenly there was a wallabie (never pronounce a wallabie „wallabY“, it will get very mad and probably eat you), eating and looking at me. But I continued my falk, pushing the ferns out of my way, climbing trees – awesome. Then I reached the top of the mountain and had just a wonderful view over an even more wonderful valley, all green and nice, in front of me the beach and the ocean with the waves coming ashore, being all white and nice – awesome. Then I opened my eyes and found clouds sitting everywhere because it was raining. But it was still wonderful and green and everything. The water was rising from the lower grounds in the valley forming even more clouds and me, being soaked from all that which poured down on me earlier, cursing that I didn’t took my camera with me. So I have to memorize this picture well :)

Right now I’m a wonderful backpacker hostel, its a little house with about 12 beds in it, all for us backpackers, a small kitchen, a telly, just nice.

That’s pretty much it for now, i’m going back to the balls tomorrow, and I think about cancelling my flight to Tasmania as well as turning my Greyhound bus ticket back in but – don’t know yet. The thing with Tasmania is, the weather is probably all crapy and I would be staying there for a week, maybe not knowing what to do… Will see.

Good bye for now!


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