26th of April, „Penguin“ Island & some pics

Ok, I’m back in Melbourne sitting in a busy internet cafe wasting money and writing you.

My trip didn’t last me long as you can probably guess with me being back in Melbourne already. But I couldn’t get a room @ Wilson Prom NP for sure, and its to far of a ride to go there just for luck. I’ll try to get a hold of the owners of the backpackers the next couple days. Was a bad decision going to Tasmania by plan because now i’ve this days left till my plane leaves. Well, hopefully it’s really nice there!

Anyways, my trip to Philip Island:

The youth hostel was (really) expensive: a 4 bed room cost me 30 bucks (=dollars), expensive for a youth hostel where you stay two nights. At least there was a lousy breakfast.

The first morning I met a girl form America *I added her blog to my blogroll :)*, together we had a short walk to the koala reservation centre (short=1-2 hours) just to learn the this island is a rip-off for backpackers: The admission cost us 9.20 each. *shiver* Anyways, we saw some nice koalas up in the trees, i added some pics.

In the evening I was as much of a tourist as one possible can be, and just the word „penguin parade“ is enough to connect it to a touristic adventure, isn’t it? Anyways, I booked it, I could have stayed another night, was picked off and arrived the place. First of all huge signs“no photography“. Then there was this building where you had to go through, full and packed and cramped with penguin stuff of all sorts, and most important very expensive fast food. The parade was like this: hundreds of visitors sitting in an „amphitheatre“ kind of thing with benches. in front rangers looking that nobody is able to take pictures *the flashlights are bad for the penguins – dont have a flashlight – and i dont care, im a ranger* and then little cute damn small penguins arriving at the beach, huddling together till there are groups of 20 or more and then running over the beach. That was really cute. Nice. Awesome. If there hasn’t been this touristic attraction like thing and all the japanese guys going „Ahhhhh“ and „ohhhhh“ and „loook!!!! *jumping up and down* See!!!! THERE!!!!!!“ (by that time the penguins ran back into the ocean because they got afraid).

This morning I left first I wanted to go to the Prom, but they couldn’t help me with my connection, so they told me to go via melbourne. Now I have a connection I could take, but no place to stay for sure. And I will arrive in the evening in the middle of nowhere – no place where you want to be without a bed for the night.

Ok, that’s it, will add some pictures now, nothing for ungut, yours Paul!

P.S.: Fuer die Deutschen:

– Philips Island war sehr schoen, habe Koalas, Wallabies und Pinguine gesehn, allerdings alles sehr sehr sehr sehr sehr touristisch erschlossen. Bin jezt zuruck in Melbourne, im Nationalpark wo ich als naechstes hinwolltehabe ich noch kein Bett bekommen.

Hier ein paar Bilder


koalajordan & mariakangaroooooooome in melbourne


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  1. Nils

    G’day mate..

    Not fair :( i’ve been there 7 month and never managed to see a Koala at all and u manage to see it after a couple of days??? u meany…

    Have a godd one and try the VB ;)

    Greets Nils :D

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