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Chapter 1: The Balls…

Hi Guys!

Ok, da ich meine Blogadresse auch Leuten hier aus Australien gegeben habe *die ich im Flugzeug oder sonstwo getroffen habe* wird der Blog vor allem auf Englisch sein. Sorry an all die *German only subscribers*. Aber ab und zu werd ich ein paar deutsche saetze droppen, das jeder weiss was ich gerade mache und wo ich gerade bin.

First to start with the ball“s (i dont care whether i write big or small or anything, times running away always – any misspelled words etc. collect and keep them!)

When i arrived in melbourne, i got all my tickets for the greyhound bus, the wwoofing *nobody here knows what it is* and i got my passport stamped *cause of the whm visa*. Then i hoped on the train and my first journey – a hourlasting trainride – started. Birgit picked me up from beaconsfield station, together we picked the kids up *jordan, hes 11, maria, she just turned 10* and that was the start of some wonderful days with the ball family. There I saw my first kangaroo when we drove up to the water reservoir. actually this year it is very dry here, so i brought a little bit of rain with me for which everybody thanked me a lot.

But sometimes you have to leave even the nicest and greatest and so on people behind *goes without further saying…. you understand me, dont ya?* to see new things – so now i’m on philips island and i hope to see some pinguins tomorrow – maybe i can manage it to get away from all those tourists and view them on my own.

for all the monty python fans – me probably being the biggest one – i had some spam today :) And a can left for tomorrow! It’s nice if you have a small amount with bread, but without bread it tastes a little bit.. well.. dont know.

so, that be it for the time being.

nothing for ungut, yours paul

Fuer alle deutschen:

– war sehr schoen bei den Balls in der naehe von Melbourne, eine sehr sehr sehr nette familie, vllt. klappt es dass ich sie nochmla besuche bevor ich das land verlasse

– bin jetzt in philips island, moechte u.a. pinguine gucken


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